I live and work in beautiful Portland, Oregon. I grew up in southern California. My current gig is at Jama Software, where I am a Software Engineer & also serve as a Scrum Master for feature-development teams.

I do a lot of development in ECMAScript (technical recruiters, see Javascript) and mingle with Product Managers. In my experience as a Software Engineer, I have programmed using ECMAScript, Java, Python & Scala, and have had the privilege of developing user-interfaces, REST end-points, and build tooling. My favorite libraries are lodash & React.

Modus Operandi

I am a big proponent of software craftsmanship and agile methodologies. I enjoy working in environments that support Extreme Programming practices like TDD and pair-programming. I geek out on process optimization and functional programming. I love learning new techniques and skills.

Normal human things

In my free time, you can find me enjoying the outdoors via camping, surfing, hiking, traveling or on long road-trips with my wife Rachel. During colder months I tend to immerse myself in board games, Legos, and building Gunpla models.